Serious Industrial  Locking 120V15A Extension Cord Connectors

OLD vs NEW over 3 years

OLD: The 2 housings were snapped together but
unsightly gaps sometimes appeared at the joint.
Strength was good, but could be improved
NEW: The housings are now chemically
welded to form a bullet proof uni-body

OLD: Polycarbonate alloys have improved
over the years. Although we had good
alloys, it was time to upgrade to modern
day plastics
NEW: We now use a special alloy that
was designed for electrical apps.
* stronger
* ‘bullet-proof’ construction
* chemical resistant

The WHIP (Cord Restraint)
OLD: The former whip was quite flexible and soft
but on occasion, it would break near the wiring cover.
NEW: A tougher, less flexible material prevents
any cracking or breakage.

OLD: Occaissonally prone to cracking
NEW: Much tougher polycarbonate
Super high gloss, tough, fire proof Endura finish

OLD: Phosphor-bronze – was quite good, but an
issue arose where a manufacturing lubricant left
on the metals affected the surrounding plastic
causing a small number of devices to crack.
NEW: Highest quality Copper alloy QMET 200 is
punch pressed dry and clean for perfect long life

The CATCH-HOOKS (locking mechanism)
OLD: These were hard brass which had great long life,
reasonable strength, but over time some wear and minor
issues occurred, brass costs have skyrocketed.
NEW: Galvanized steel Lockers ARE stronger, do not wear,
always stays locked.