Dependable Locking 120V 15A Extension Cord Connectors

FACT:  Extension cords and tools power cords come apart unintentionally usually at the worst times – it’s a well known pain and hassle in the industry.

FACT:  Many of the connectors past and present, molded in-place or replacements were never that good in the best of times.  Why?

FACT:  Besides disconnections, problems with broken insulation, exposed wires and ruined cords, electrical shocks, safety issues, corrosion and burnt out plugs and connectors results in low conductivity. This results in burned out tools, compressors, loss of power. Everyone knows this. But what’s the answer?


SOLUTION:  David Forrester, a house framer, built over 300 houses in Calgary, set about to solve the problems based on first hand experience starting in 1997.  The result is the Q-Lok 120V/15A Locking Extension Connector. It is a proven retro-fit / replacement connector for any 10-16 ga. cord-set, built to last a lifetime, without failure, with perfect connections that Always Stays Connected in any weather, any environment, any condition, in any situation and attain the highest certification possible.

Tall order. 

FACT:  The Q-Lok does this in superb fashion. The downtime, frustration and safety issues of cord-set disconnections are over for good.